10 ways to find out if someone is cheating

10 ways to find out if someone is cheating

1. Credit card statements

You can find out a lot of info by credit card statements. Flight info, store info, location of purchases.

2. Credit Report

Addresses, type of accounts, joint accounts.

3. Trackers

You can place the trackers in a wallet or a car. Technology is very minute these days.

4. Email

Why do people who are having sex communicate thru email? I have no clue but there’s answers in the email.

5. Switch up your schedule

When you’re too predictable people will cheat around your schedule.

6. Check the underwear

The underwear has the answers. Semen, vaginal juices, blood, smell … Hey you never know.

7. Check Drop Box

They save pics in there.

8. Forward the calls to your phone!

9. Check the car

Even the trunk. Things fall out of pockets and go under the seat all the time.

10. Examine the body

bruises, hickeys, back scratches!

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