Passport Cutty is an author, blogger, host and all around social media maven whom has gained her popularity from her unfiltered, uncensored and unapologetic conversations about lifestyle and relationships. Articulate and entertaining, her commentary focuses on self-growth, finances, travel and personal style to her vast and loyal following across multiple social media platforms.


With blogging being the foundation of Passport Cutty’s brand, it was inevitable that she take it to the next level as an author. Passport Cutty’s debut book, The M in Man Is for Money is advice for women on how to handle men concerning money in dating and relationships. Cutty takes you on a journey with her through a rinse cycle of serial dating and personal struggles as a young woman searching for a purpose. She offers tips on conditioning men to foot the dinner bill to the household bills. She explicitly gives her advice to women on how to tailor certain relationships to benefit from monetarily. She shares her stumbles and mistakes for her reader to capture a lesson in her failures. Her honesty and authenticity will amaze you if not make you chuckle.


In 2012 Passport Cutty dove into the podcast world with her talk show, “The Naked Truth.” The Naked Truth gave Cutty’s audience a chance to engage with her and the listeners by sharing their own stories and feedback about the weekly topic. The show covered topics about dating, relationships, and sex. The laughs were endless and every week the callers never ceased to amaze. In the same year, she produced the “Cutty Pole Party.” So many girls and women were able to experience Passport Cutty in an intimate setting that won the hearts of girls in cities such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago, North Carolina and Dallas. She followed up with “So Shameless” Podcast in 2016 and ended the podcast with a one year live show anniversary that sold out SVA Theatre in NYC.


During her events, Passport Cutty has a way of tapping into the minds and souls of people and igniting thought and emotion. It is so special how Passport Cutty has used her raw, unfiltered, vulgar and witty commentary and anecdotes to reach and teach women and men, young and mature, all across the world. Passport Cutty believes in maturity, well roundedness, and knowledge for both women and men. She cares deeply about the dynamics and relationships between people in general, not just romantic relationships but friendship, family and even strangers.


Passport Cutty is a frequent world traveler promoting exploration, education and culture to her following. She encourages travel and is often sought after for travel advice and recommendations. Passport Cutty is known for her exotic travel and lavish vacations with hotels and resorts being her most anticipated aspect of the trip.

About Cutty

Passport Cutty is a radio host, blogger, social media sensation… AND, most recently, an author! Her brand is built on blunt opinions about everything under the sun. Tough love cushioned by humor, Cutty’s unique approach to life and love has garnered a massive following that is growing daily.