All Thai’d Up

All Thai’d Up

Oh, Thailand… What an experience!

Thailand was absolutely one of my best trips thus far. There were endless things to do and experience.

Getting There:

From what I researched, March and April are the best times to visit Thailand for little to no rainfall.

I took Cathay Airlines. The ticket was $1170 round trip with one stop in Hong Kong. I am not a person who likes to connect, so I always try to have only one layover if I have to. The airline was fine. The food was decent on the flight. The staff was nice.

My advice is to take the overnight flights. I always take a flight that leaves after midnight so I can be nice and tired and sleep for about 6-7 hours. It is a 15 hour flight from NYC to Hong Kong. I eat some soul food right before the flight, since I don’t take any sort of pills. I sleep, watch two movies and eat again. Then, in about another hour, you’re there! Don’t forget to bring: magazines, books, water/juice, compression socks, headphones, snacks, and a neck pillow. You’re going to need it. This flight is no joke. Lol. Going to Thailand, the flight connection was only about three hours so we didn’t leave the airport. I chose a 20 hour layover for the return flight so I could spend the night in Hong Kong and see the city since I was over there. Hong Kong was never a place I just wanted to go to as it’s own trip.

#TravelWithCutty Tip: I usually order foreign currency with my bank before I go on a trip because I never know if there’s somewhere safe and with fair rates to go to in another country. The airport is usually higher to exchange.

Exploring Thailand:

I visited three cities in Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Sumai.

Bangkok –

Bangkok is the city. It has plenty of tall buildings with roof top bars overlooking everything. I can not tell you about the food because I was way too scared to try anything there so I ate shrimp fried rice and noodles everywhere. Haaaaaa.

You only need one or two nights in Bangkok. The traffic is insane. I stayed at the W hotel in Bangkok. It was stylish and sexy. The food at the bar in the lobby was good. I had noodles of course.

Here’s the fun part, Pussy Pingpong. HAAAAAA! The strips clubs have women doing trick after trick with their vaginas. Smoking cigarettes with their vagina, shooting ping pong balls out of their vagina, and writing on something with a marker in their vagina. Yeaand a ping pong ball hit my leg that night… out of the vagina. Don’t sit in the front. Lol. It’s the dirtiest, most fun experience ever. There’s plenty of them around. It might seem dangerous but hey, I’m alive.

The next day, we paid a taxi $90 to drive us to the floating market two hours away, round trip. That was a whole entire day for $90. But don’t think you’re going to be in some nice spacious car because you’re not. Can’t beat $90 though. The floating market was absolutely unforgettable and necessary to experience. I got my elephant painting that hangs above my bed that I named “Binky” from the floating market. You can haggle there. Binky was huge and almost cost me $400 but I got him down to $170 or so. He was actually worth $400 being that, in NYC, he would’ve been $1000 easily. Oh man! Now, I feel bad…. Anyway. Go to the floating market EARLY because by midday you will be stuck in water traffic. I wanted to jump out but I can’t swim. Lol. They usually don’t pass the same shops twice so if you see something you REALLY like you might have to just get it because there’s really no way to turn around.

They have some people cooking also but my friends didn’t let me eat from there because they didn’t trust it. I eat anywhere dirty. I don’t mind. Lol They have fruits, coconut water, souvenirs, and much more. This place was a highlight of the trip. They also have monkey shows, elephants, and much more. There’s ornate temples to stop and see along the way as well.

Elephant kisses!

Phuket –

I stayed at Naka Island in Phuket. As dope as the idea seems to be picked up in a boat and driven to the hotel across the water, it was a bad decision. I couldn’t go out at night because there was no way to get back to the hotel across the water in the middle of the night.

Arriving by boat!

I didn’t think about that. So, we were kind of stranded at night in Phuket. We had tons of fun during the day though.

We went to Tiger Kingdom and took pictures with the tigers. I was scared as hell. You think it’s all cool until you hope he doesn’t wake up and eat you. But he doesn’t… usually. Lol.

We also did elephant rides which really wasn’t for me because my thighs were sweating, and I felt like I was going to slide off that bench on the elephant’s back and fall on the floor in the woods. lol! I got ten minutes into the trail and asked the man to take me back. He then turns around and tries to sell me something in the woods. I wanted to go back so bad that I just bought whatever he was selling. I think it was a necklace for like $8. The hustle!

We also visited the Big Buddha there. Boy, is it big.

Phi Phi Island –

Everyone will tell you go to Phi Phi island just because. There was nothing too special there but it DID have the softest white sand I’ve ever experienced in life. Your feet just sink into the sand. There are other islands to go to as well. I didn’t go.

Koh Sumai –

By the time we got to the last city, I just wanted to relax. We stayed at the W Koh Sumai. It’s was such a beautiful retreat.

The spa was AMAZING. They wash your feet before every service. The breakfast was good in the restaurant. The room was huge and we had a private pool. It was called the tropical oasis. Be sure that you put the correct amount of guests in the room when booking because they will charge you extra for the 3rd or 4th person in a room!!! You can get away with that at regular hotels but usually you can’t at resorts and retreats because they take everyone’s passports at check in.

#TravelWithCutty TIP: I also arranged the transportation to and from the hotel with the hotel concierge. I usually do this when there’s a language barrier so that I’m not stuck trying to figure out how I’m going to get where I need to go from the airport.

We took a taxi to the strip near Chaweng beach. I tried a fish pedicure. We got $8 massages for an hour in a nail salon that looked like a shelter upstairs. As I’m writing this and looking at the picture, I’m asking myself why the hell did I lay on that bed? The ladies were walking on our backs and cracking everything. It was the best, dirtiest, cheapest massage I’ve ever had.

WHAT was I thinking?![/caption]

We went to Ark Bar, a beach front bar with music and food. It was pretty good.

The trip in total was nine days, and (minus me wanting to get home and get some food I trusted) Thailand was a wonderful vacation!

Are you looking to visit Thailand? Or any other Asian country?

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  • Mz Turner
    Posted at 14:56h, 15 June

    I truly enjoyed this post! Looking to get out of L.A. for 7+ days as an early (LEO) birthday gift to myself. Thailand is one of our top 3 destinations…among Fiji and Hawaii. I’m traveling with my girls so I’m going to share this so they can be just as EXCITED as I am, now that I know that Cutty christened the place before our arrival! 🙂 Thank you