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Cute With Cutty Challenge: Opulent October

Challenge name: Cute With Cutty
Hashtag: #cutewithCutty
Duration: October 1-31st

Be more intentional with your look daily! Post one pic of your effort for the day … every. day. A poll will be posted of participants handpicked by Cutty for killing it each week.


If you know Passport Cutty, well you know about my 7 minute makeup routine, denim day off shirts (All three of them but there’s a favorite one) and that she uses a comb about 5 times a year. If you LOVE Passport Cutty, then you know I leave the house every morning and forget to lotion my feet, forget deodorant (keep a stick in the car) and just got an iron a month ago. “I don’t have time to care.” That’s my excuse and I’ve been sticking to it but I’ve had one too many days where I had to take a rain check on impromptu after work invites or ran into someone that recognized me. At that moment, I always regret neglecting myself in the morning. I’m turning over a new leaf in October. I will care everyday. Hopefully, this breaks the bad habit of being lazy and not taking time with my appearance. – Cutty

Ideally, you, too, will be stunting on Instagram/snapchat/Facebook daily, but that simply may not seem realistic for you… so I came up with some answers for the reasons why you can’t/won’t/shouldn’t participate that you’ve likely already come up with in your head:

If you wear uniforms daily, turn the hair and makeup up a notch. If you work in a casual setting and/or with kids, skip the pump and throw on a statement jewelry piece over that grey tee. Put some after work clothes in the trunk for happy hour!

Stay at home/work from home:
Plan outings for which you’ll be inspired to put your best looks together. When you stop putting off that #brunchwiththegirls date, you’ll have a purpose for your primping. If all else fails, give the Fedex guy something to look forward to.

Nothing to wear/no budget:
A) Remix what you already have! Pull out pieces you love and find a new way to style them. Put a button down shirt under a slip dress. Wear a tshirt dress over vinyl leggings.

B) Colorblock! Pair that beloved red pencil skirt with that blue sweatshirt you always get compliments on.

C) My personal fave: LIPSTICK! It changes the vibe of even the simplest of looks. White tee, black jeans, red lip = classic, sexy. Denim shirt, boyfriend jeans, dark, berry lip = vixen!

No time:
We’ve all seen quotes about time being money and making time for what we want. This month may require some sacrificed sleep, but the benefits will potentially far outweigh a couple of minutes in the morning.

-Use it as a catalyst to get organized by purging your closet, finally going to the dry cleaner, or planning your outfit the night before.

-Use it as a turning point for discipline because an action becomes a habit after 21 consecutive days.

-Use the challenge as an excuse to carve out the me time you usually neglect!

I think I addressed most of the major reasons not to join…… can’t wait to see the first looks on Sunday… THIS Sunday, October 1st! Comment below if you’re getting #cutewithCutty.

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