Secrets of Shacking Up

Secrets of Shacking Up

By now, you might have read my first book, TheM in Man is for Money.

If not, get it here, here, and here!

My thoughts on moving in:

I kept it brief in the book but here are my TOP TIPS for living with a man…

1) Whether you work, don’t work, or take care of 7 children, if there is no food when he gets home, you will be called lazy or compared to his mom somehow.

2) He is going to act like even just the pad or tampon wrapper is going to turn into an alien and eat him, so don’t leave anything period related in the bathroom garbage.

3) Don’t be frumpy. Subtly entice him by wearing good house clothes. No holes. No stains. No high water panties. You will see a difference in his mood if he comes home to someone appealing.

4) Don’t shower as a sign that you don’t want to have sex tonight. Barely works with these nasty guys who don’t mind sweaty vagina. Some days I’ve tried everything but they don’t care. They’ll say something like “Oh please, that’s my pussy.” Taking a shower is like when the dog sees you grab his leash. It signals them that you’re preparing for sex. So when I don’t want to have sex, I don’t take a shower until the morning.

5) Don’t offer to pay any bills until he specifically tells you what to pay. Let him complain before you put out any money.

So, there you have it! Some of my tried and true methods of shacking up…. what are some things you’ve had success with in your home?

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