Summer Style Series: The White Tee

Summer Style Series: The White Tee

*Taps mic*

There are 13 days until summer. The official start of summer is June 21st!


Have your beach body goals materialized yet? Mine haven’t.

*sips tea*

Whether you live in a locale that currently STILL requires outerwear daily or you’ve been werqin’ your warm weather wardrobe for a while already, the rising temperatures always bring about the age old question: how do I stay cute and cool throughout the sticky months? We look forward to pulling out the maxi dresses that float in the breeze and the rompers that accentuate our legs and the flirty sundresses that break necks.

But I’m here today to encourage you not to forget my favorite wardrobe staple: the white tee. It goes from casual to sultry to dressy with the right styling. It looks good on everyone and is forgiving of those skipped gym sessions. The white tee does not forsake, hold grudges, or disappoint … just remember to keep them SPARKLING.

Behold, a style and shopping guide to make sure your white tee game is on point for the summer and throughout the year!

You NEED two types of white tee: Classic and Embellished/Trendy.

The classic versions rely on tried and true silhouettes:

The trendy versions have funky detail and unique shapes:

1) Simple Chic: Wear your tee as the base of a traditional look. Make it pop with statement accessories.
2) Paired with off the wall pieces: Make your tee the background star when paired with texture and print color.
3) Let the details tell the story: Make your tee the focal point of your outfit with cool details such as cutouts… Or simply make your tee THE outfit a la Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.


Some white tee inspiration:

What’s your fave way to rock a white tee? Will you be adding to your collection for the summer months?


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  • Ivie O
    Posted at 17:53h, 09 June

    Love a white tee!! So effortless and easy to transition day to night