Passport Cutty’s Zodiac Facts

Passport Cutty’s Zodiac Facts

So this blog is definitely going to get me stoned and beat up, I’m sure… But it’s my FAVORITE topic to speak about… As bad as this sounds, I believe in zodiac signs more than I believe in the Bible. #judgeme … Now the controversy comes in when people dislike or don’t agree with whats being said about one’s sign… But that doesn’t make it FALSE… Of COURSE there are exceptions. If a Taurus raised a Scorpio, that Scorpio may not be true to the “Scorpio Characteristics” because they may be more similar to a Taurus now… But me, I was raised by a Leo, and I’m a Leo… So I’m just pure LEO. And I didn’t want to say my sign until the end because I don’t want people to think I’m being prejudice in ANY way when discussing the signs… You have to acknowledge the good and bad of every sign. You can’t get offensive over the negative qualities. And if you do, I don’t care, I’m still not WRONG, you’re just mad!!!! LOL…Now for the most part, I have been VERY fair in this blog. Even with it written from first person, it still isn’t a biased account. I’ve studied signs and been fascinated/obsessed for a while now. This is not solely based on my opinion. Days of research and surveys were done to support it. I’ve given the good and bad attributes of every sign, including my own. So let’s Begin…

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18

Aquarius Women – I have a love/hate relationship with these women… Overall they are quality women. They are smart, INDEPENDENT, and original. A great female for any man to have a future with. As a partner, they give men their space. They’re not clingy. They prefer to take care of themselves. They don’t want any handouts. They will definitely meet you half way financially if need be. She HATES routined relationships though. She needs excitement. She hates boring people. She wants to learn and experience lots of new things. Aquarius and Virgo woman are very similar in a lot of their qualities. Aquarius woman are analytical but not at far fetched as Virgos. A man has to use reason rather than emotion to snag her. She needs someone STRONG or else she will think you are weak. She is a little too smart for her own good sometimes. Most Aquarius women have a lot of platonic male friends. Don’t try to control her and make her get rid of them. A man has to be secure and confident enough to deal with someone as rebellious as an Aquarius female. January and February Aquarius women are much different. The February ones are more of a pushover than the January ones. They are genuinely sweet while the January ones don’t take any shit. MY least favorite attributes about Aquarius women are that they are unfair and one-dimensional. They change the rules to their favor and when arguing with them, they ONLY acknowledge THEIR point of view. There’s no winning. Aquarius females need men who will give her time to come down from level 10 when she has unleashed the dragon. Their wrath is crazy. They have bad tempers and just black out. Aquarius females don’t like to ask twice. They don’t feel they should have to remind you about your responsibilities. They are very helpful people though and a good resource and friend.

Aquarius Men – Once again, I have alove/hate relationship with these men. They are GREAT men but not an ideal boyfriend/husband. Don’t get me wrong, Aquarius men for the MOST part, take care of home. They are very financially responsible.They usually are GREAT fathers and support their family very well…BUT they are usually unfriendly, unfair, non-affectionate and ARROGANT. Aquarius men are the type to think that males and females can not be platonic friends. You have to go by HIS rules or he will get rid of you or demote you quickly. They are turned off very easily by small things, so you always have to be on your Ps and Qs with him. They are good friends to people but they don’t have many at all. If he hasn’t taken you into his circle, you are expendable to him. He NEEDS his freedom in a relationship. Trying to lock him down will get you nowhere. He is very double standard. He wants to be solo but still always wants to know he has that person ready and available to tend to him at the drop of a dime. When he is angry with you, he will just be distant instead of arguing. When arguing with him, come up with VALID points to defend yourself, not tears. Tears don’t work on Aquarius men. He takes pride in having a trophy chick, so make sure you are always on point physically. They are leaders and thinkers, so he isn’t going to be up under you a lot, nor affectionate. You won’t get many compliments out of him. He is going to be consumed with thinking of a new plan.

Pisces – February 19 – March 20

Pisces Women – Pisces women are………….*zips lips* LOL… Emotional train wrecks. They are usually beautiful, seductive, sexy girls. They are genuinely good people but its in their nature to be bi-polar as hell. They are catty females. Usually arguing, cursing someone out or in gossip/drama. They are VERY sensitive so watch how you speak to her. They take offense easily. Pisces females usually CRY A LOT. They also have the GREATEST INTUITION. NOTHING gets by them. NOTHING… NO slick comment, no eye roll, no rumor, no sub tweet. She catches everything. If she is following 1000 people, she’ll still catch the ONE sub tweet about her and ADDRESS it publicly. Most people’s least favorite attribute about a Pisces female is their mood swings. One minute they’re happy and having a great day and the next its “leave me the FUCK ALONE”…You just never know with them. Their reactions are based more on how the situation made HER feel vs how it could have been handled “correctly”… My least favorite thing about Pisces people on whole is that most of them live through someone one else’s fame. They are name droppers. They’ll have to make it a point to broadcast their relationship with someone else’s popularity. IF they have this trait, they always have to let YOU know who THEY “know” especially if its a celebrity. Why they do what they do, is more important than WHAT they do. But on another note, she genuinely cares about your burdens. She is thoughtful and generous and will help in any way she possibly can. But because they are so emotional and sensitive, they get hurt easily, therefore quick to put a wall up and be cold as ice towards men and relationships. They usually can only see what’s wrong with you and not with themselves. They have a very selective memory. They are very forgiving people though.

Pisces Men – Hmm… these men… lol…I like them but they are a handful. They are BIG ASS BABIES… If they do not get their way, Lord help you. Its the end of the world. They spoil their girlfriends. They are show offs but aren’t obsessed with money. They have the same bi-polar issues as the female Pisces.They are sensitive just like Cancer people so don’t be too blunt or else he will take great offense to it. As a partner, they will learn you and know you inside and out. He is indecisive so its hard to tie him down in a relationship. To reel him in, use emotions. Do not make it clear that you are trying to pin him down or else he will rebel. Do not be too demanding with him or press an issue too much, he will spazz out on you. He is hates fixed schedules. He rather any situation to be flexible in his favor. He’s very kind hearted, but don’t take his kindness for weakness or else you will lose out on a good resource. He needs to feel appreciated.

Aries – March 21 – April 19

Aries Women – I don’t love Aries women… To me they seem to think their shit don’t STANK. They are a Fire sign which is in my category also but idk, they rub me the wrong way on a whole. But after doing more research on them and acknowledging that they have a “boss-like” mentality similar to a Leo, I’ve realized that its probably just the fact that as a Leo I’m looking at her like “ who the HELL does SHE THINK she is? I AM THE BOSS” lol.. But, I’ve met some cool ones. Aries women are very driven though. They are business women. Very intelligent and independent but are often known to be liars… Everyone said it, not me! lol Aries women have intense sexual urges which can drive them to being promiscuous. She doesn’t like the repetition. You will bore her. She is playful sexually, and is up to try “new” things in bed. She is trendy and modern and wears her clothes well to her figure. She likes the finer things in life. She loves a challenge and will get what she wants by any means necessary.

Aries Men – These men are usually FINE… GEEZ… But I can’t deal with them. They are way too macho for me. They won’t even let you cry. They want you to suck everything up. They come off as an “asshole” to many because they lack sensitivity. They are so brave and they want you to be brave too. He is active… Very athletic men, either into sports, or just a regular work out. He is definitely a boss though. In the literal sense, usually an entrepreneur. He has a lot of“physical” needs from a woman. High sex drive and very frequent sex life is a MUST when dealing with an Aries man. Saying “NO” to him could truly offend him. Aries men will spoil their woman and can be very romantic if he is interested enough. He is spontaneous and exciting in every aspect. Aries men love an active and daring woman. Outdoor activities are definitely a way to his heart. He loves challenges. He is VERY protective of his female and you will always feel “safe”…Aries men are usually responsible men, financially, sexually, and with overall health and lifestyle. They are “greedy” in a sense when itcomes to women. He is the type to be cool with an “open”relationship so he can still have variety and/or be encouraging of frequent threesomes.

Taurus – April 20 – May 20

Taurus Women – * zips lips *These are my LEAST favorite females… Don’t be offended, its not MY fault. Lol My issue with Taurus women are not the actual characteristics but that they barely ever admit that its TRUE… its OK to have negative qualities. Everyone does. Taurus females, like Aries women really think their shit don’t STANK! Lol They are very judgmental. They think they are better than others. They demand a higher standard than they even have for themselves. They’re the people who throw stones and live in glass houses. They have no filter and seem oblivious to the fact that they are saying inappropriate or offensive things to someone else. There are some things that you just SHOULDN’T say. But if it was the other way around, they’d catch onto it quickly and snap at you. And they are ALWAYS talking about someone else. The sense of entitlement and obligation that she gives off to men are usually the main reasons why guys start to dislike her personality. She feels like she should be in his top priorities on call. Most men get turned off by the fact that she will act as if he should be “grateful” that she deals with him. Their sense of “loyalty” is twisted. Most Taurus females pride themselves on being “loyal” but mold it to their favor. BUT… on a BRIGHTER note. Taurus females are not “bad women” at all. They’re not evil, spiteful, conniving, dramatic like some of the other signs. They take their friendships seriously. They’re not one to disappear because they have a boyfriend. They know how to keep that balance especially because they do not let men control them. They have high ethics. They are usually faithful to their partner. Its rather impressive. A man has to “prove” himself to her though. They are not quick to jump into relationships easily. She definitely believes in “dating”… They need EVIDENCE that a man is into them. Like gifts, quality time and passionate sex. You have to prove to her that you are “stable”and “financially” capable of being in a serious relationship with her. She gets turned off by lies and childish games from a man. She doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve so it won’t be easy locking her down immediately off of pipe dreams. They are irresponsible with money usually so a man needs to be able to pick up her slack. The key to a Taurus female’s heart is good food and great, frequent sex.

Taurus Men – I personally don’t know many Taurus men but I do know they are the most faithful men of the zodiac. And although of course there are MANY that cheat, they are loyal in the sense that, they may wander but they won’t leave. They don’t switch for where the grass looks greener. A downfall about them is that they get content when things spiral downward. They settle for the misfortune. They aren’t flexible. You have to encourage him and motivate him to change his mind. He has a quick temper and throws tantrums if things do not go his way. You have to persuade him to try new experiences. They are jealous and possessive. If you let him make you cut off all of your platonic male friendships, he will make you do that. He likes a routined life and is a reliable man for the most part. He doesn’t take lightly to last minute cancellations, so stick to your word. Once he makes up his mind… That is ALL!

Gemini – May 21 – June 20

Gemini Women – I LOVE Gemini women…They are great friends. Very genuinely concerned and loving people. They are “curious”, always wanting to know more about interesting things. They multi-task easily. She loves challenges and projects. Gemini females can get lazy so they always need a bunch of things to keep them busy. They love to redecorate and reinvent themselves. They are easily forgetful because they usually have so much to do, but don’t hold it against them because they will make up for it in some way. Gemini females are usually in full-time long term relationships. They are generally faithful females and caterers to their man but if single can be promiscuous. One downfall about a Gemini female in a relationship is that they tend to get comfortable fairly easily. In their defense, they genuinely feel like they have nothing to worry about but on the outside looking in, they come off as ungrateful and spoiled. They tend to forget that no one wants to feel taken for granted. Give her space in a relationship or else she will feel smothered and will get turned off sooner than later. You have nothing to worry about because she is loyal. Some people have a misconception of the “two-faced” thing. Most people think it’s about them stabbing you in the back or gossiping about you… That’s not actually what its about. She has a tendency to snap at people unexpectedly with that dual side to her, but she will quickly get over it. People tend to call this bi-polar but its usually out of rage rather than sensitivity. They’re not as emotional as a Pisces. When she is mad, she blows up and you just have to wait for her to come back down to earth. She has a huge problem with feeling like she is kissing someone’s ass. They’re not the greatest at being submissive, no matter what the circumstance is. They’re stubborn and you have to paint the bigger picture a million times for them to understand why they should get off their high horse. They want equal rights and reign. Apologies go a long way with these girls. They are very helpful… almost to a fault. They help a little too much… Always opening their home or hand to someone. Always befriending new people. They seem to always use their own resources to help others, even the ones who don’t deserve it. They don’t seem to ever get burned enough.

Gemini Men – So…….These niggas….lol…. Cheating bastards… Mind you, I never had a Gemini boyfriend before but I KNOW about them. Anyway…. Show offs to the 10000th power. Gotta show off everything: Cars, clothes, homes, money, their girl. Chile. They take care of their girl lovely though. He loves to be the center of attention. They have to be the shot caller in the relationship. They don’t like rebellious females. They are usually “the boss”…They always get themselves out of a hole. He loves to be kept in the know. He wants to be updated with everything going on. They need variety, so be spontaneous. Don’t tell him everything about yourself in a short period of time or else he’ll think he mastered you already and will be on to the next one. Because they are great thinkers, so he will definitely try to outline/summarize you quickly. Keep him guessing. Gemini men are very forgiving and non judgmental though, if he likes you. He accepts you for who you are, your lifestyle and will just try to encourage whatever is in your best interest. Sexually, Gemini men don’t like shy girls.

Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Cancers in general – Cancer people on a whole, both the men and women are misunderstood. To every other sign, we judge Cancers based on how they act but we don’t admit WHY they are the way they are. Cancers are the MOST realistic of all the signs. They see right through all the nonsense that the other signs are comfortable with. Now in Cancer’s defense, they are GENUINELY GOOD people… They are just so unpleasant and somber. They REALLY are CRABS though. They usually have low energy. But it’s up to you to ignite them. Leos always can bring out the energy in Cancers. As much as Cancers get on my nerves I know how to handle them. I’m the one to MAKE them talk, MAKE them spend, MAKE them come outside. The thing with Cancers are, people just have already counted them out because they’re so miserable instead of trying to revive them. I revive them. Cancers see other people for the bullshit they are. They are very realistic and don’t wanna be bothered with the havoc. When people encounter a Cancer they don’t like them because the Cancer called you out on the REAL reason for your misfortune. Cancers DO NOT pacify your bad decisions…A Cancer is going to make you think reasonably, logically and responsibly while everyone else is going to tell you what you want to hear. If you tell a Cancer you want something new, they’ll be the first ones to tell you “but you can’t afford that”… Then you’re like “BUT..” …If they feel that you’re making stupid mistakes and bad decisions, they won’t help you. Especially if they warned you. To handle a Cancer, TALK to them… They will awake from the dead. Lol. If you invest your energy in a Cancer, you’ll reap the benefits, because if anyone is Loyal, its a Cancer. Nobody wants to give Cancers a chance because Cancers don’t care about being accepted. People rather not deal with challenges (Cancers). It excites me. Proves how strong and dominant I am (Leo). On a whole they are still my LEAST favorite sign. And for most other people too… As much as I despise them, I accept them for who they are. They appear to be miserable because they don’t want to be bothered with the rest of us. I would probably be miserable too if I realized everyone else was full of shit. lol And I felt the need to explain them in depth because they are so misinterpreted.

Cancer Women – But anyway specifically onto Cancer women. Cancers are so EMOTIONAL. Whiners. CRABBY. Slightly spiteful. Unnecessarily selfish, but maybe we only view them as selfish because other signs aren’t as responsible as them and always need their help. And when they say NO, everyone else gets mad. On a whole anyway… BUT… LUCKY FOR ME, Cancer is the MOST beneficial sign to a Leo person. They are ALWAYS helping irresponsible ass Leo out of a bind. Cancer women give their ALL to anything they put their mind or heart into. If they care AT all, they care ALL. If its not important to them, they seem very unmotivated and salty about whatever it is. They will help you as much as they can if they see you are being proactive. They will not give to be generous, they give to HELP. They are VERY MOODY so its hard to figure out how she really feels about you. She puts others before herself in most instances and then complains about it. That’s why she becomes so emotional if things fall apart because of the sacrifice she’s given. If you burn your bridge with her, you’ve lost a very VALUABLE resource. Her family is her #1 priority.They worry a lot. They are EXTREMELY financially responsible people. Most cancers have a savings, good credit, low debt and steady income. Even when she is in her “moods”, you can always talk her out of them… They are hard on the outside but very soft and kind on the inside. Yelling and fighting with her, won’t work. Thats not how they handle things and you will burn your bridge with her. She holds grudges. They can never have enough money so they won’t reveal that they have any at all. Cancer females are EXTREMELY smart, thinking a little too logically for the average person’s liking. Thinking too long term and too far ahead. Always trying to be prepared for the “what ifs”. And Last but not least… penny pinchers.

Cancer Men – Refer to the yellow Cancers in general, as well because I spoke about Cancers in general on that one. Cancer men and women both share the same qualities. * Unfortunately * They are Moody. “Selfish”… Emotional. Smart. Responsible. Crabby. He is a family man. Hard worker. Saver. I personally can’t deal with a Cancer. I’d die. But I NEVERRRRRRR heard of a broke cancer. NEVER! A follower said to me “whoever says they know a broke Cancer, doesn’t REALLY know that Cancer”… I TOTALLY agree with this statement. The men are more flashy than the women but that still isn’t a sign that he will spend on you. They make it a point to let you know that they aren’t broke, they just won’t hand it over to you without reason. But Cancers are not cheap with themselves.

Leo – July 23 – August 22

Leo Women – So they’ve been labeled the ‘hoes’ of the zodiac. Unfortunately. It might be true though. Only reason being, that they do whatever the hell they want at all times. There’s no taming a Leo female if she doesn’t want to be. She has such a STRONG personality that she will run circles around ANYONE who is weak. Leos are LIARS… GREAT ONES… EXCELLENT ones. They don’t lie just to lie. But they know HOW to lie. They are actresses.They will take your SOUL. They are BEYOND dramatic. They are so sensitive. They take everything personal. Its like pulling teeth for them to admit that they are wrong. They are submissive in a manipulative way. They submit to get what they want. That’s a tactic of theirs. Everything is about the BIGGER picture with them. Their ego is something that lands them in dangerous situations. They are TERRIBLE with money. They take HUGE risks, especially monetarily. They are addicted to luxury. They rather look and feel good over everything else. She is so easy to spot because she is usually decked in a fully designer wardrobe. Her taste in quality merchandise is amazing. She has to be remembered and leave a good impression. Leo females are VERY creative. They have to be the boss. Her way or no way. Even with me not loving Taurus females, they share a major quality with the average Leo woman. You have to be able to AFFORD her. If you can’t offer her the finer things in life, chances are you will not last. Leo people are BEYOND generous. They are so confident in their ability to make money that they spent it so frivolously. Leo females are EXCELLENT friends. Extremely loyal to everyone in her circle. Will bend over backwardsfor you as far as she is able. A man has to cater to her ego 24/7. She needs compliments, compliments, and compliments. You have to buy her gifts or else she probably will think you are cheap which is a pet peeve of hers. She will definitely be in control of the relationship but will allow you to be the man if she see’s him as strong enough. Any sign of weakness with a man and the relationship will NOT work. You won’t always know she is in control though. But thats her hidden tactics. As a cat, she always goes out on a limb because knows she’ll land on her feet if she falls. She is aggressive and confident. She isn’t shy at all and will draw a crowd. She is very jealous but her ego won’t admit it.

Leo Men – Leo men are great men…usually… They are SOOOOOOOO charismatic… These are one set of men that don’t need to pay for pussy… They will sweet talk and joke all your clothes off in matter of minutes…. They are VERY humorous men. They are subtle show offs… They aren’t going to BRAG about what they have, they’re just going to show up in it and act like it’s nothing, knowing that they are going to get a reaction out of people. Now there are two types of Leo men. There are the“providers” and the “leeches”… For the MOST part, Leo men pride themselves on being the MAN. The KING. The head of the household that takes care of everyone and everything… But then you have the leech, who uses his charisma to milk a weak woman. MY advice to you is to always expect a Leo man to be the MAN… don’t go easy on him or else you will wind up waiting on him hand and foot like a peasant. These men are VERY masculine… just let them be. They are leaders, not followers. Usually the boss. They are jealous and possessive and whatever they say, usually has to go down that way. A Leo man HAS to win. If he loses, it’s the end of the world to him. Most Leo men won’t borrow from anyone… They rather not let anyone know they are in need. Leo men love the best of everything so to excite him, make sure others will be jealous of the gift. They are usually generous men but much more financially responsible than a Leo woman. They rather pay their bills first, then splurge. Which is the opposite for a Leo woman. They are excellent listeners and give great advice. Very wise and realistic except with themselves. They take it easy on themselves more than they would they next person.

Virgo – August 23 – September 22

Virgo Women – I have SOOOOOO many Virgos waiting to read this blog… They know about themselves already but they just have to keep hearing it over and over again so they can say “HEY, STOP talking bad about us VIRGOS, Thats not TRUE”. Lmao…and we ALL know it is… Virgos are left over Leos. Lmfao… JUST JOKING!!!! I have such a genuine love and concern for Virgos because they are so oblivious. Here’s the deal with them. Virgo girls are GREATTTTTTT women. Great for a man… GREATTTTTTT as a friend. BUT thats ONLY if they ACTUALLY like you… Virgo women don’t seem to like ANYONE… They rolled their eyes at you before you can even say hello. They’ve made up their mind about you from rumors and gossip. They judge books by their covers and haven’t learned yet that they were wrong about doing that from the last person they misjudged. They are extremely critical of everything. Virgo girls are the queens of the “fake walls”… the “I don’t have any emotions” LIES… They’re the first ones to get hurt because of that. They try so hard not to care that they don’t even realize how much energy they’re actually putting out trying to be numb. They act like they don’t care but they really do. They are hopeless romantics, genuinely wanting a perfect relationship with a man. They give their 10000000% to a dude. They expect a lot but settle for NOTHING. They give people too much credit and over analyze people’s motives. They are so independent that they wind up being used. Their pride won’t let them take anything from people but will give until they have nothing at all. Virgo girls have few friends because they won’t let people get close to them. They are private and secretive. They won’t tell anyone what’s going on in their life even if its in shambles and will still try to help you with yours. They cater to their men in every sense of the way. They would iron a man’s boxers if he requested. They will alienate their friends and family just to tend to their man. They are supposed to be the“Virgins” but are so busy looking for love that they wind up just fucking a whole bunch of men. (I’m not saying that to be mean, its confirmed by a poll) They are nice to people who treat them like shit. And mean to the nice people. They are NOSEY as FUCK…will stalk your FB, Twitter, Instagram, and your friends and your family all to put together all the “pieces to a puzzle”… and wind up being WRONG in the end. She is a bastard hoarder, meaning she holds on to dead/dormant relationships knowing its not going ANYWHERE… but one thing I can say, is when she FINALLY wrote you off, you became DEAD to her. She stands her ground with being a BITCH when she doesn’t like someone. She is VERY driven. She’s the farthest from lazy and VERY CLEAN! She will be everything a man could even wish for in a woman. She adores high fashion and jewelry. She is a perfectionist, no half stepping in anything thing she does. If she is doing ANYTHING, it’s to the BEST of her ability. Sometimes she is so obsessed with small detail that they forget about the bigger picture. They get so lost on the small stuff. But let them tell it, the world might end if they over look it. A very feminine girl. Take care of her, she deserves and NEEDS it. PLEASE.

Virgo Men – … The two I had disappeared on me out of the BLUE when shit was going GOOD so I hate these niggas. Lol I call them “illusionists”… Even if stuff is going great between y’all, he could just POOF, disappear into thin air and come back later like nothing ever happen… WAIT O_o! LOL These men will learn you very well. Especially because they pay so much attention to detail. But these men are very discriminating. They will always find something negative to say about something “perfect”… They are very hard workers. They always need to be productive or else they come down hard on themselves. He is so meticulous and patient. They speak things into existence. Similar to the females, they are very anal about perfection so they will definitely be busy making sure whatever they are doing at the moment is flawless….They worry a lot. Always want to make sure everything will be OK. They aren’t very playful. Quite serious in a relationship. They are VERY neat and organized so if you are messy, he will hate you. They like to talk during sex, like a Gemini man so get to it.

Libra – September 23 – October 22

Libra Women – Very busy women. They usually have a good circle of friends because they are a good friend. She is similar to the Libra man in marriage being a priority. Marriage and career are important to her. She’s fashionable and feminine. Well groomed, jewelry and scents. She usually has a lot of options because she is a good catch so you better be too. She is Very intelligent and persuasive. Needs a strong minded man or else she won’t be interested. She can be a little bossy so make sure to stand up to her. She is very romantic and sensual during sex… No jack hammers please. And these don’t piss them off because, like the Libra man, the Libra women is equally “crazy”…They have bad tempers that are hard for them to control once the alarm has been set off.

Libra Men – These big ass cry babies get on my damn nerves. They are CRAZY. So imbalanced. Fuck that scale…These men will kill you and himself on some Romeo and Juliet shit. Lol They NEVER take responsibility for anything that they do. They are always the victim. They often make rash and terrible decisions. Quick tempers. Quick to fight. And its NEVER their fault. The world is against them. He doesn’t understand that life ain’t fair. For no justifiable reason at ALL, they are LIARS. Not understandable “I don’t wanna hurt her feelings or get in trouble so lemme lie real quick” lies, but full blown elaborate unnecessary STORIES! Scenarios that NEVER even existed. And they lie about it so much, that they start to actually believe its true. But on another note, Libra men are incredibly talented. They always seem to have some sort of “gift” that sets them aside from someone else… They are family men. They rather be in a relationship than solo. Preferably living together and married. A Libra man is up for experiencing life and fun times with his partner. He doesn’t mind taking her out in the social scene with him. And if he’s not doing it with you, chances are he’s doing it with someone else. They don’t hide their chicks. But a Libra man needs someone who accepts HIM for HIM. He needs to be fully comfortable with you for him to fall deeply. If you judge him, he will bail soon. They are very hard workers. Not lazy at their job. They’re not cheap nor selfish. He’ll give you his last. If he has it, you got it. They love to socialize and everyone knows them. They throw great parties and is the life of the party. They are hard to pin down. But a Libra man’s SEX tho?… that shit is LIVE!!! There’s not an INCH on your body that he won’t put in his mouth. But a Libra man is the type of man to trap a bitch. Watchout… They always want to tie a chick down.

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21

Scorpio Women – They are very motherly and family oriented. Usually have kids. They have genuinely good hearts but make bad decisions. They will feed the entire block one day and have no food for the rest of the month… Taking in other people kids and can’t even afford their own. Like REALLY? The are sneaky though, friendship wise. Can be very vindictive. She is discreet and secretive. They are usually in LONG term relationships. When a Scorpio female is in love its ALL or nothing. Even if it means giving him her last, she will do it to keep him happy. She has great intuition and can be VERY manipulative to get what she wants. She is a pretty monogamous female. They endure a lot of disappointment and still keep on. They usually are the matriarch though. The one in the relationship taking care of the entire family, including the man. They are bad with money and usually always need external help. They can get money out of people easily by playing the victim, giving a good sob story. They have tempers and like a Sag girl, have no problem fighting. They aren’t antagonistic fighters but they aren’t afraid of defending themselves.They are passionate about what’s dear or important to them. Giving off obsessive and psychotic ways. They don’t sugar coat anything or hold their tongue. They tell you exactly how it is whether you like it or not. They want to be “understood” and are low key emotional.

Scorpio Men – I fake fell in love with one. They’re the shit usually. They aren’t nonchalant about anything. They go hard for what they want. Confident and aggressive, just like I like em. They are usually sexy men and can dress their ass off. GEEZ… They are soooo sexual though. They think, eat, breathe and NEED sex. They don’t like to hear “NO”. They also are most likely the one to take your “anal” virginity. He does NOT like to voice this thoughts. Just LEAVE him alone until he decides to come back to reality. He is temperamental and wishy washy. He is MEAN and BRUTALLY honest… Does NOT care about your feelings. Won’t ever sugar coat a situation to spare your feelings. It is what it is with him. He is over protective, jealous, possessive and obsessive. He is so passionate though. Reeling you in with his dominant yet tantalizing personality. They don’t forgive cheating women.

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius Women – These are my favorite girls tied with Gemini girls. Well and Leo of course. They are GREAT friends. Great women to have in your circle. Genuinely humanitarians. Always willing and wanting to help others. They are brave and fearless. They are disciplined and responsible in every aspect of their life EXCEPT for with men. As strong as they are, they are weak for their men. They are very sophisticated overall. She needs intellectual stimulation from a man or else you will not stand a chance with her. She will talk to you like she is smarter. She will make you feel like an idiot. She is a cool nerd. They always want to learn new things and find out new information about everything and anything. Their curiosity is often what drives them to be consumed with so many things at one time. Their curiosity can also come off as nosey… They are “nosey” only because they hate to be the last person to know something. They are positive about success. They have a tough skin and have no problem punching you in the face. They do not take lightly to disrespect at all. They are very direct when voicing their opinions. They need freedom just like the Sag man. She does not hoard and drag things that she knows aren’t working out. She always has back up plans. Don’t question a Sag girl. She hates that. Just allow her to do her and she’ll come around when she feels like it. They can be private at times. There will be times that you wonder what the hell happened to them. They tend to get wrapped up in their own worlds and you won’t hear from them for a while. Reach out to them, its just a natural habit of theirs. No hard feelings. They are usually late and infamous for “one night stands”…

Sagittarius Men – My favorite. These men are great guys, just terrible boyfriends. They are the “bachelor”of the zodiac. Extremely hard to lock them down. They ALWAYS fall hard for their fellow fire signs though. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius females. How they deal with these females are different from how they deal with the others. When a Sagittarius is in love. You are stuck. He will not let you go, even if he wants to. He will not go out without a fight. He gets to a point where he feels like “ I don’t usually fall for people so now you can’t go nowhere cuz you MADE me love you”…. For the most part, the other signs will see him as a very rude, non committed person who hates relationships and won’t settle down. To his fellow fire signs, he will be seen as a psycho maniac stalker. Sag men don’t love you until you leave them. They play games the entire time until you say “I’m out”, then they shape up immediately until they got you back where they want you and go back to doing the same thing. Generally, they do not feel the need to lie because they are usually single. They are the absolute BIGGEST and WORST liars ever in relationships. If he doesn’t feel he is bound to you then he is brutally truthful. If you don’t have concrete evidence, he won’t admit the truth. But on the brighter side, this man will learn you inside and out. If you are his girl, he will know when you get your period better than you will. He will know what shampoo you use, what’s new in your closet and if you gained 3 pounds. He is very hands on and very affectionate. NEEDS sex OFTEN. He will cuddle, spoon and kiss you sensually. He will explore your body and make you the most comfortable naked woman you could only imagine being. He is a good father to his children. They LOVE kids. Theirs and other peoples. They are generally irresponsible people. Priorities out of order. They are OBSESSED with control and if they lose control, they LOSE their mind. They become STALKERS if you try to break away from them. They are fearless and think they have the final say of everything. Even things they have no control over. They react first and think later. They are low key emotional so it will be no surprise to see him shed tears if he is mad or hurt enough. They can be very violent and dangerous so don’t provoke him. They see red for about 15mins, then come back to their senses and apologize like nothing ever happened. The best revenge on a Sag is to ignore him. Take the ball out of his court and he will be far more pissed than if you were to argue for hours. He hates to be smothered but HATES to be ignored. You can not make a Sag man mad. Revenge doesn’t work on him. Do not try because you will lose. The only thing that will ever destroy a Sag is his own ego. His ego is certain that he will always be in control. Once you tamper with that, you’re on the road to satisfaction. Never allow him to call your bluff. If you say something, mean it. The minute he knows that you make empty threats, he will run circles around you. And lastly, Sag men are very forgiving. When they love you, they can get over mistakes you’ve made and give you another chance. With Sagittarius men usually being “well endowed”, they think they can get away with anything.

Capricorn – December 22- January 19

Capricorn Women – I like these girls because for the most part, they are cool girls. Good conversation. Enjoyable to have around and have fun with. They have good intentions but can make a lot of empty promises as a friend… but they are very helpful to their partner….. Overall I categorize them as opportunists…. code name for “USER”… If they CAN USE you, they WILL… And I mean everyone uses people, but a Cap will take advantage if she can. With anyone. Friend, family, or mate. They will burn their bridges with people and never think about whether or not they’ll ever have to recross it again. She definitely expects being supported by her partner. She is accustomed to it. When comfortable with a partner, she is faithful and needs nothing else but him. She will disconnect herself from the world as long as she got her man. She is forgiving and lovable. She loves SEX and is content with quality time and orgasms. As contradictory as this is, even though she is a “user” she will still take care of her man if “necessary.” They are private people so you might never know that about her. She wouldn’t want to be embarrassed about it. Slightly sneaky girls. They love money and fashion. They are dramatic and wishy washy. Especially with friends. They usually have turbulent friendships…and If a small thing goes wrong, they make a huge deal of it.

Capricorn Men – Capricorn men are so cool, calm and collected. A little TOO nonchalant for my liking. A Leo like me would want to kill them because they wouldn’t pay me enough attention. Most Capricorn men are LAZY. Let me explain. If they HAVE a job, they will go everyday, do a great job and be very disciplined and reliable. BUT if they do NOT have a job, Lord help you if you’re their girlfriend. He will drag his feet and get VERY LAZY. You have to hold a Capricorn man’s hand to do EVERYTHING. They are afraid of failure so they rather just not do shit. They get very content with a mediocre lifestyle and it gets quite annoying after a while. They won’t mind sitting at home playing video games for a year and eating, saying“there are no jobs out there”… They are the type to think opportunity gets delivered to your door step. It’s quite unattractive after a couple of months. Caps at least aren’t obsessed with being the boss. They are fine fitting in and just doing their job. They are very calm and quiet but if you push their buttons too much, they WILL lash out at you. A lot of Capricorn men have a woman taking care of them. They usually snag a very independent and successful female too. Lucky them. He usually seems like a very serious man but when you get to know him, you will see his sarcasm and dry humor a little bit. Not bad guys on a whole though.

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