Center Stage – Passport Cutty
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Center Stage

It has been many years of excuses.
We’ve called several truces.
We’ve gotten so ruthless.
I’m tired now.
I’m ready to play nice.
No more fights.
No more bright lights.
Tired of putting on a show.
I’m ready to go.
But I guess you’re saying no.
You still want to act.
The show must go on.
You’re accustomed to the fame.
No longer can you be tamed.
I fucked up by playing these games with you at all.
Now you dodge my calls.
Lie and disappear,
You take advantage of my fear.
You know how I feel.
My infatuation is real.
I’m trying to get you to settle down,
But you wont acknowledge my crown.
I’m a queen but all you see is an opponent.
You live in the moment.
The camera is still on.
I’ve been around for too long.
I tell you I’m gone.
You call my bluff every time.
You just call the next person in line.
I can’t stomach that,
So I come running back.
You got me right where you want me.
Whenever you want me.
And only then.
Not sooner.
Not later.
Never on my time.
Only on yours.
Using different lures,
To make me think that you’re ready this time.
We fuck and then I’m at the back of the line.
So many people back ahead of me.
I’m just one fish in your sea.
But fame is your weakness.
Control is your vice.
Being ignored stabs you like a knife.
I remembered we’re playing your game.
And men hate to fail.
I’m finding a new trail.
I’m closing this tale.
There’s other males.

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