There’s No Such Thing as “Vice Versa”

There’s No Such Thing as “Vice Versa”

If there’s one thing I hate…. Its when people think men and women can do the same things “vice versa”……. ALL day long when I tweet things about a female or a male doing something a certain way, I get retweeted with the response “and vice versa”…. I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks… Men and women are not “equal”…We’re different… PERIOD… Women, you can’t do everything a man does… Give it up! Men, stop starting to do stuff that women do…Like Gossiping… PLEASE!

Women, you don’t pee standing up and can’t get other people pregnant. Men, you don’t get a period (lucky you) and you don’t carry a baby in your stomach. You two creatures are NOT the same…  Stop comparing two things that aren’t in the same category. That’s like comparing a truck and a car… You can’t say one is better than the other because they serve different purposes…

Same with males and females…. I hate to hear chicks say, “well if men do it, why can’t we?” Or “Men do it all the time” ….. OK and???….YOU can’t change the world, so if its set in stone that if a girl fucks a lot of men, she’s a hoe…. Then bitch, you a hoe! Don’t defend yourself if you want to go against the grain… Just accept it. If you think its ok for you to be with multiple men at the same time because men do it with women, its not… And honestly, its not that its not ok, but no one should know… Its not something that you should try and make a statement about. That’s fighting a losing battle… You will NEVER win. There’s no such thing as “vice versa” when it comes to us.

Because we’re “Ladies”… People expect us to be “Ladies”… Why would you want to be considered anything else trying to do what a man does? Whether its “fair” or not, some things just shouldn’t be fought against. For the most part the responsibilities, roles, etiquette etc between men and woman balance each other out…  There’s things men DON’T want to do. And there’s things women DON’T want to do. So if you want to keep pulling the “vice versa” card, you might as well just be alone since you think you can do everything the opposite sex does. 

Chicks should be “happy” that there are different standards between men and women…  According to my TL, its ok for a 27 year old girl to still live at home depending on the circumstances…  But it’s not ok for a man. Men have a lot more pressure on them to be “independent” by as young as 18. That’s hard… I couldn’t imagine having to take care of my own household by 18 years old… I was still wearing Jordans and making $1000 a month at Bloomingdale’s. But for men to not be considered  a “bum” or a “Mama’s boy” he’s expected to hold his own weight from the time he can buy cigarettes. As a female, could you handle the same expectations?

For the most part, it’s usually females trying to pull this “equality” card. Females are always screaming about a “double standard”…But “double” means “duplicate” or “twice as many”… So “duplicate” would mean we have the SAME standard, which we don’t so that term doesn’t identify it at all… And “twice as many” would mean something like “if a man cheated on you with 20 girls, its ok for you to cheat on him with 10 men”… Uhm… Yea, so “double standard” isn’t really the term females need to be using in their defense. So something like “cheating on him, because he cheated on you” is never really going to work out in your favor. The statement you’re trying to make will always backfire because that’s not in the “description” of a “lady, woman, girlfriend.” But, if you want to be a “slide or hoe”, then cool.

So the moral of the story is… Pick your sex, study your standards, and know your role.

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