Side Chick Speaks

Side Chick Speaks

1) Stop telling me how innocent and faithful your wife/baby mama/ girlfriend is……. How the FUCK would you know when your ass running behind me? If your cheating, why can’t she be? *don’t worry, I’ll wait*

2) The more rules you give me, the more I’m gonna break them. So don’t subject me to any. I know what I got myself into, I’ll handle it accordingly as long as you are respecting me.

3) Don’t fuck me raw and expect me to get an abortion cuz I knew you had someone already….. So did you…

4) If you don’t respect her, why should I? So if she calls my phone, yes I’m cursing her ass out. I may not blow up what we got going on but yes I am gonna ask “fuck you calling my phone for?”

5) Why is it that I know you got someone but I’m supposed to stay faithful to you? *dying to hear this*

6) Don’t introduce me to your kids at all if you gonna stop bringing them around the minute they go back and tell their mama about me.

7) STOP talking to me about her… Good or bad… I don’t give a fuck… Well I don’t WANNA give a fuck but the more info you give out, the more curiosity is gonna kill MY CAT! Now I wanna put a face to the story…

8) Don’t tell me you can’t do something because of her… By you telling me she is the reason, its almost like your tryna remind me to be content with something that I’m not really comfy with at ALL… So don’t throw it in my face that you can’t go to dinner with me bc you promised her you’d be home at 8 tonight… Do not give me the opportunity to be jealous because bad thoughts go a LONG way.

9) I signed up for the ONE person I knew you were with…. Where’d the fuck these other hoes come from? That ain’t in my agreement… Really?

10) As much as I don’t wanna know what’s going on between y’all…. If she gets pregnant……uhm, yea….that’s one thing I wanna know!!!!

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