Passport Cutty, the blogger, traveler, and unconventional life coach to people all across the world, follows up her debut book and returns with an enhanced edition, The M In Man Is For Money: Reloaded. The book takes you on a journey through a rinse cycle of serial dating and personal struggles as you read how Ms. Cutty searches for and finds her purpose. Along the way, you’ll learn how to handle men concerning money while dating, living together, or just plain having a pecuniary relationship. She offers tips on conditioning men to foot the dinner bill to the household bills. You’ll gain explicit advice on which men to avoid, which men to maximize and which men to never get serious with. Passport Cutty shares her stumbles and mistakes so the reader can learn from and identify with her failures. Her honesty and authenticity will amaze you. This book is a guaranteed way to get reassured, enlightened, and learn more about your relationships with men and money.


Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

How should I go about getting a man to spend on me? Why don’t I ever get men to give me any money? Why does it seem like I’m always paying for dates with guys? Should I give him a chance even if he doesn’t have any money? Does it matter that I make more than him? Is it okay to split rent?



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