You + Me = ?

You + Me = ?

I keep having this conversation: Is monogamy FAKE or unrealistic?

So many people have been trying to brainwash me with their comments such as:

“Only us Americans try to force monogamy on people.”
“Open relationships are healthier.”
“Come to an understanding that works for you.”

Whatever that means. I don’t know how I feel about all this. Actually, I do know. I think people have started to manipulate themselves to soothe the pain of getting cheated on, including myself. Is it really UNNATURAL to be monogamous? I do not believe that at all. Even though I’ve cheated on men several times, I don’t consider myself a cheatER! CheatED or cheatER are two different things. (Classic Cutty logic lol). I cheated because I was cheated ON but had I never been cheated ON, I would have never cheated! Does that make sense? So I don’t consider myself a cheater because, if I get with someone who I don’t ever think is cheating on me, then I would never cheat on him. One thing I don’t do is cheat BECAUSE you cheated but I will cheat on you IF you cheated. Get it?! I won’t find out he cheated on Monday and go cheat on Tuesday, or this week, or even this month but you have forfeited my conscience, and now, if a situation was presented to me that I FELT like participating in, then I would and not feel the LEAST bit bad about it.

There’s levels to cheating, truly. More brainwash talk right there. Not that any of it is right at all. Even I have warped views about cheating. You have seen me tweet things like, “Faithful and loyal are not synonymous,” or “There’s a respectful way to do disrespectful things,” or “A cheating man can still be loyal.” HOW!?

Here’s how I look at it:
Some men can value their woman and the relationship he has with her but have this nasty little fetish that he likes to get elsewhere. Take the sugar daddy sites for a moment as an example. There’s men on there who ARE NOT leaving their family or looking to break up their homes but they are paying to fuck someone in the ass or get shitted on as a fantasy. Hey?! Excuse my language. Is that still cheating though? Absolutely! What is a man to do if he wants to try anal sex and his wife says, “HELL NO!” Hmmmm?

Personally, there’s a lot of things I won’t do, all across the board. I know I’m going to be cheated on my whole life. Yikes! I’d rather not compromise and get cheated on than compromise and still get cheated on. I don’t know if this is the right way of thinking though. That thought process sounds like I believe all men cheat and I do not believe that. There are plenty of men that I believe are faithful and I admire them so much because I do not believe it’s easy. I say this because even when a faithful man is minding his business and not concerned with stepping out on his partner, temptation is always knocking at the door. Not to put it on women but there are women who’s desperation and jealousy causes them to antagonize a healthy situation. I had a tweet that said something along the lines of, “Women aren’t trying to steal your man, they are trying to steal love. They see another woman happy and they want to be happy too. If she’s happy because of that man then she thinks she has to take that man for herself to be happy.” I believe this. On the contrary, it’s not what anyone says to you, it’s how you respond. So, a woman or man could never MAKE anyone cheat, but flesh can be so weak sometimes.

As a matter of fact, let me list some scenarios. I had no intention of doing this but I realized there are really levels.

A) Never wanted to be in a relationship but you forced him to cheating. Can you grasp this type ? It’s when both of you really like each other but the girl rushes to get into a relationship or else she is going to fall back, so he just fake does it to keep her calm. I think this happened to me too many times with my speedy self.

B) Hates his mom, therefore hates women so he treats everyone like shit cheater. This to me is the worst kind because he is a little boy in a grown man’s body crying out for help all while being a toxic man in women’s lives.

C) Ashamed or embarrassed of his fetishes cheater. Cheating to satisfy himself in a way that he’s not comfortable sharing with his partner in his relationship.

D) Cheaper to keep her cheater. The relationship that he no longer wants to be in but he will hold onto as long as he needs, to start separating his money. Men know how to all of a sudden be fake broke and then get divorced.

E) The greedy cheater. You have threesomes with him but then he still has sex on his own with other women. Greedy, shady ass.

F) Don’t want to be the bad guy cheater. The man who doesn’t want to be with the woman anymore but would be breaking up his family with their children so he stays and cheats.

I think we can get to letter Z on the types of cheaters. Comment below in alphabetical order and add a type of cheater you’ve experienced. Remember that women are cheaters too. Not me though! Lmao.

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